Six Months of No Banking

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804 Screenshots from April 24 – October 24


Best Ezreal says:

Your void comes and goes too lol what a joke

Andreas Darmer says:

tedious video, but no banking is insane!

bustaphatty says:

do you even bank bro?

OSRS Sosa says:

nice :) 

kaaaashock says:

You died and lost your stuff at 35:00 ?

Whiplash says:

the one and only. the legend we worship. people may say your fake but they
nothing but jellaous.

luwn00bz says:

Didnt even watch the vid but keep it up!!

TweekDash says:

Your videos are the last connection I have to a game I don’t play any more.
I actually get excited to see these in my inbox.

Best Ezreal says:

No banking then tell me what happen to your gear? D halberd, ahrim top,
granite shield, neitz helm etc?
what a troll

Grandma Mackie says:

mad respect man, gj

James Goodbody says:

Painfully slow, could have done multiple pictures a second

garridan chapman says:

Full on congrats on six months dude it’s been a hell of a ride lol

skude3 says:

Watched it all while playing ironman, keep up the great work man :) 

Jonny Warland says:

You are the best! You are my #1 favorite runescape personality.

Omar Aljalahma says:

Andrew, you are the best
Keep it up and don’t care about troll comments

Champloos x says:

Hold my beer I can do this too, wait he doesn’t bank? Nvm I’ll go back to
99 cooking.

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