Morph & Jenny (The Realtor) – DayZ Standalone

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Morph meets Jenny. She’s a little drunk. They go house hunting. Morph: TWITCH – TWITTER – Jenny: TWITCH –…


letsmakefriends says:

OH THIS IS SO AMAZING :) love the music, morph!!!!!!!!! ilysm

Hint erteil says:

Chek out Mr.Moons new video!!!

ErnieChicken says:

Letsmakefriends, You did this with moon didn’t you?

Charles Coolidge says:

It was a shitty house Ztum and she’s the worst realtor ever! I get why she
gave up on selling houses

Super Dan says:

haha this is funny as fook! gj buddy :) 

Ztumtum says:

Coolidge had the right idea. It was a shitty house

Mrkevkev says:

i actually loved this.

MegaSeptim says:

That’s my big sis!

Call Me Spiffy says:

Reminds me so much of the Mr.Moon episode

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